Te Aroha Family Budgeting Services offer people of all ages and at all stages of life one on one help around their finances.
Our FinCap trained and approved Financial Mentors offer you helpful, friendly, confidential advice in a safe, friendly space. We focus on your strengths and provide you with tools to reduce your financial stress and build your financial capability, building a better future.
We also offer group sessions – Money Mates – where we talk and learn as a group. Sessions can be tailored to suit your needs so just call us to organise this. Our services are completely free of charge.

Our Services

Budgets and Cashflows

We can create a weekly budget for you which helps you allocate money for debt, bills and weekly, monthly or annual expenses and savings. This helps you plan ahead and have enough money to cover your expenses when they arise. Cashflows enable you to look ahead and see just how your long term planning can affect your ability to save and meet all your financial obligations.

Negotiate with Creditors

We are able to negotiate with Creditors on your behalf, or guide you around what questions to ask them when trying to reduce payments or query something with them. In this way, you are armed with the tools to do this in the future. Often, Financial Mentors are able to get further ahead with these creditors than if our clients approached them on their own. We deal with banks, financial lenders, pay day lenders, mobile truck companies, retailers, utility and telecommunication providers and professional services among others.


We are able to ensure that you are receiving your correct and full entitlements from Work and Income and IRD. We have contacts that are also able to help you with Work and Income around advocacy and giving you the best advice based on your situation.

Kiwisaver Hardship and Savings

Most Kiwisaver Hardship applications must be accompanied by a Budget Worksheet from a Budgeting Service. We work with you to not only provide this, but also to give you advice on the best way to apply for this help. Often, we are able to identify ways to clear debts without having to use your Kiwisaver fund, hence protecting your savings for your future and retirement. We can also give you advice on how best to allocate money from your weekly budget to savings.


We are able to assess your financial situation and advise you on what your options are. We are also able to put you in contact with other services who are experts once you have decided what the best option might be for your situation.

Affordable Internet

We are a Skinny jump provider. We are able to allocate you with a Skinny Jump modem which means that you have access to affordable internet. This is not just for clients. Make an appointment to come in and see if you are eligible and if this is available at your address

Other Services

We are able to put you in touch with other service providers that may be able to help you with other issues or problems. Mental Health, transport, food etc are all part of your journey towards being in a more comfortable position financially.

What to bring to your first appointment:

  • Identification such as a drivers licence, community services card, Kiwi access (18+ card)
  • Verification of your household income i.e. Pay slips, benefit breakdown
  • Current bank and / or credit card statements
  • Last 3 months power, gas and phone accounts (giving us an average spend)
  • A list of debt and all outgoings
  • Paperwork for any accounts / bills being paid or yet to be paid
  • Any other paperwork specific to your financial circumstances

Our Team

Financial mentors Evelyn, Lynette, Sarah and Sandie look forward to helping you


“I am so glad I went to the service. My understanding of my debt and weekly costs has improved. I have even managed to start Saving!”

“I have been with Sarah for 3 years now. She has helped our family so much. We have managed to pay huge amounts of debt off and it is no longer a struggle to find money for food. Thank you!”

“I don’t know why I waited so long to come and see Te Aroha Family Budgeting Services. I felt so relieved after my very first appointment and things have continued to improve. It is still hard work, but I can now see light at the end of my money tunnel!”

“My financial mentor is amazing! She has shown me how to handle my money better so now I feel in control of it, rather than it controlling me. Wonderful!”

“I got help to access some of my Kiwisaver money. I am now debt free and much more aware of how credit can have terrible effect on my credit rating.”


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