What to Expect

Taking back control of your money, negotiating debt, reaching your goals, and much more!

Our services offer help and advice with regards to your budget, debt, Kiwisaver and much more. You stay in control of your money throughout the process.

We can

  • Talk to debtors on your behalf and negotiate payment arrangements
  • Ensure that you are getting your correct entitlements from Work and Income
  • Support and assist you to fully understand your financial situation, obligations and rights
  • Help you look at insolvency options
  • Information and tools to ensure that you understand all your options and can start to make good choices around debt, spending and saving
  • Offer you free, confidential and non-judgmental advice and support
  • Work with you or the whole whanau
  • Help you with Kiwisaver Hardship withdrawls
  • Put you in touch with other organizations and services that can help

You can

  • Leave whenever you like
  • Come by yourself or bring the whanau / support person
  • Stay with the service for as long as you feel that you need to

What to bring to your first appointment:

  • Identification such as a drivers licence, community services card, Kiwi access (18+ card)
  • Verification of your household income i.e. Pay slips, benefit breakdown
  • Current bank and / or credit card statements
  • Last 3 months power, gas and phone accounts (giving us an average spend)
  • A list of debt and all outgoings
  • Paperwork for any accounts / bills being paid or yet to be paid
  • Any other paperwork specific to your financial circumstances

We help you to

Create a
weekly budge

Work out your
long term cashflows

Negotiate with
your debtors

Bankruptcy or NAP
( No Asset Procedure )

and Savings

How to connect to
the internet affordably

Contact us for help with your finances