At Coromandel Budget we provide free, confidential budget mentoring, focused on helping individuals and families to reduce stress caused by financial issues.

Are you worried about a money problem? Have you thought about getting budget advice but are worried you’ll be told to cut down on those bad habits!!
It’s not an Advisors job to tell you what you can and can’t spend your money on.

It’s their job to help you see what you ARE spending your money, then brainstorm with you on ways to reduce costs and increase income THAT WORKS FOR YOU.
Please, don’t be put off by what we MIGHT say, be excited by how you can change you and your family’s life for the better.

How we can help
Why would you need us?

  • Do you have debts that need to be paid, perhaps there overdue?
  • Find it hard to budget because you have seasonal work?
  • Need help with creditors?
  • Would you like to have more control of your financial situation?
  • Want to save money?

Our friendly financial mentors are here to help. Our service is free and non judgemental.

What to expect

When you come into Coromandel Budget Advisory you’ll be greeted by one of our helpful, friendly, and experienced Financial Mentors. Your first meeting usually lasts for about an hour. You are welcome to bring a support person if you’d like.

What to bring

  • Identification such as drivers’ license, community services card, Kiwi access (18+ card)
  • Verification of your household income ie. Pay slips or benefit breakdown
  • Current bank and/or credit card statements
  • Your last phone or power account
  • A list of debts and all outgoings
  • Paperwork for any accounts/bills still to be paid
  • Any other paperwork specific to your financial circumstances

Coromandel Foodbank

The Coromandel Foodbank works alongside the Budget Advisory Service, supporting clients while addressing debts. We offer one off food parcels to members of the community and can provide further assistance to clients working with our Budget Service.
If you are needing assistance with food, please contact us to book a time. To book, contact Coromandel Budget prior to midday Wednesday on the contact details below.
If you think you will need food parcel assistance over a couple of weeks, please make an appointment with one of our budgeting mentors, they will then be able to book you in for further food parcels as required.
If you’re receiving a food parcel via the Foodbank, please remember to bring your own boxes/bags to collect your groceries.

Other services available:


Social work support

Disability Services

Senior support

Volunteer drivers

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